Aviation Law

Jarvis Aviation Law

As a sport pilot and airplane owner, Elaine knows all the risks, joys, pains and expenses that arise out of aviation law. She is a regular at KOKV in Winchester, and a frequent visitor at KFRR in Front Royal. She has also flown a Barron out of KHEF in Manassas. She offers: 

  • Review of leaseback agreements for airplane owners
  • Drafting of Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Prebuy inspection referrals
  • Advice and representation for pilots under investigation or answering responses from the NTSB or the FAA
  • Referrals to expert consultant RedTailed Hawk Aviation LLC for advice and review of airplane purchases
  • Escrow Services for airplane sales and purchases
  • Basic tax advice for general aviation airplane owners, with referrals to CPAs for more in-depth questions
  • Drafting assistance and advice for small airport procedures and policies

Why Jarvis Law?

Pilots help pilots. And pilots and attorneys have a few things in common: the gift of gab; commitment to excellence; conscientious attention to detail; and a willingness to put in the time and training to maintain proficiency. Our presence in aviation law is small one: like our own plane, a 2013 Sting S4 with dual Dynons, a full glass panel, and a happy home in Hangar 509 at the Winchester airport, we are not a full-service aviation boutique. 

If you own a fleet of jets and you have a national footprint, please call the folks in D.C. 

If, however, you’re a local pilot, airplane owner, or small airport manager, especially in Manassas, Winchester, or Front Royal–and of course Leesburg–please give us a call for help with your legal needs. We are also happy to field general business questions as it applies to aviation, and we can give good referrals to flight schools, instructors, and general aviation experts. Finally, if you’re a pilot, experienced an incident and would rather receive more personalized advice than what your AOPA membership gets you (don’t get me wrong, the folks at AOPA are great!), please contact us. We are happy to help.