Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law at Jarvis Law

We represent creditors and debtors in all counties situated in the Western District, from Winchester to the North, Front Royal in between, Shenandoah County, Harrisonburg, and the Shenandoah Valley. We also assist businesses in Manassas and Northern Virginia in all aspects of bankruptcy law, including:

  • Chapter 11 reorganizations for small businesses situated in the Western District of Virginia
  • Debtor and Creditor’s rights
  • Adversary Proceedings to protect assets
  • Chapter 13 Plans for consumers who earn too much for Chapter 7 liquidation
  • Chapter 7 Plans for small businesses
  • Insolvency and contingency planning

Why Jarvis Law?

There is no shame in seeking the protection of the United States Bankruptcy Code under Title 11 of the U.S. Code if you’ve explored all your options and just cannot find a path out from your debts and your creditors. Whether you run a small business or farm in the hills north of Winchester, set up shop in Manassas, or oversee a farm in the Front Royal area, we are here to help you crunch the numbers, sort the budget, and decide when to either pack it in or see reorganization. We also can help creditors who need a hearing to get what the court will call “relief from the automatic stay,” which basically means the court’s permission to get paid from a debtor even during their bankruptcy case.

Creditors and debtors can and should work together. We live in a fluid, not a fixed world. None of us can predict the future with complete certainty. For example, no one except for a few scientists, a number of fiction writers and filmmakers, and a prophet or two—could have predicted COVID. And while many of you surely saw the impending inflation after the influx of governmental spending combined with worldwide shortages related to shipping and product supply issues, none of us can singlehandedly change the broader economic reality that exists in the U.S. 

Sometimes you do everything right, but the price of your commodities and inputs rises beyond all rational predictions. Sometimes you get lucky and do well when reason would suggest a worse outcome. And sometimes you or a loved one gets ill and you find yourself behind the proverbial eight ball. Here at Jarvis Law we’ve worked on some of the country’s largest bankruptcies, like Enron at the turn of the century. We’ve helped small businesses in Winchester, Front Royal, Manassas, and all over Northern Virginia and the Valley. We’ve provided free assistance to folks who have almost nothing. If you are facing a difficult situation with debt we will face it with you.