Estate Planning

Daughter and Grandma Discussing Estate Planning at Jarvis Law

If you live in Virginia, whether you are young or not so young, wealthy or somewhat less so, situated to the east in Manassas, to the north in Winchester, right here in Front Royal, or in the Valley, we can help you make the difficult decisions that go into estate planning. With experience and a commitment to handling complex trusts, as well as the more basic estate plans, we offer:

  • Trusts that are created by the transfer of real estate as well as other family assets for purposes of tax planning and avoidance of
  • Probate
  • Wills
  • Simple and complex trusts
  • Land trusts
  • Revocable or living trusts
  • Advanced Medical Directives
  • Durable POAs (Power of Attorney), limited POAs
  • Real Estate Affidavits
  • Disposition of marital businesses and properties as part of divorce or end of life
  • Succession planning for privately held businesses

Why Jarvis Law?

We will take the time to really, really get to know you. We can meet you at the office or at your home. We can drive east to Manassas, north to Winchester, locally in Front Royal, or down 81 towards Harrisonburg. Because of COVID, we have learned to handle emergency requests to meet elderly clients in nursing homes and hospitals–and we remain happy to provide urgent services to those in need. Honestly, we just plain care.

It’s difficult for some people to even talk about their wills and trusts, not to mention their advanced medical directive. We are patient listeners, and we are also willing to give some really hard advice. For example, I have kicked kids out of the room when meeting their parent to discuss asset distribution. I didn’t kick them out in a mean way but arguing over a piece of furniture or a painting in front of your still living parent entitles you to the door.

We also really appreciate the more complex estate planning instruments. For example, if you want to avoid probate and reduce your estate’s tax burden, it would benefit you to talk to an estate planning attorney about a revocable trust. The more property, personal and real, that you own, the more likely it is that you will want to incorporate trusts into your estate plans. In addition, it always makes sense to re-examine your estate package every five years or so to make sure you are keeping pace with changes in federal and state tax law. Please contact us for a wide range of estate planning services at a reasonable price.