Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation at Jarvis Law

We offer services to homeowners and businesses in Manassas, Front Royal, Winchester, and the Valley in all aspects of real estate and real estate litigation, including:

  • Review and drafting of commercial leases in addition to our Landlord/Tenant legal services
  • Structuring of land trusts, LLCs, partnerships for land development and ownership
  • Adverse possession defense work—offensive adverse possession is a case we would look at carefully before taking on due to equity issues
  • Litigating over easements and exceptions improperly noted or overlooked in title work or Closing Protection Letters
  • Fraudulent home sales—with a particular emphasis on failure to disclose serious mold and other latent defects
  • Complex and simple deed drafting
  • Title examinations
  • Zoning approvals, appeals and related negotiation
  • Construction fraud and VCPA violations
  • Going to court on all aspects of real estate disputes, from breach of land and sales contracts to specific performance, warranty work and mechanic’s liens
  • Wise counsel on neighbor disputes (which is to say that in too many cases, no one wins and both sides pay too much in attorney’s fees)

Why Jarvis Law?

Elaine Jarvis has garnered extensive knowledge of real estate and mortgage markets, with Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agent (VCTSA), Virginia Title Insurance Pre-Licensing Course and Virginia Certification Title Examiner (VCTE) certifications earned in 2018. She has litigated boundary disputes, adverse possession, easements and exceptions, nuisance claims as well as landlord/tenant cases in Virginia State courts from Northern Virginia (Arlington, Fairfax and Manassas) to the Shenandoah Valley. She has almost five years’ experience at AMLAW top 100 law firms in D.C., with experience gained in business litigation and commercial contract review and drafting. She is comfortable in front of judges and juries, with jury and bench trial experience in Virginia state courts, 1997-2003, 2018-present.

Jarvis Law steps in where several areas of law can intersect. In real estate law, you need a lawyer with a toolbox culled from subjects like property, contracts, banking law, financing, land use, zoning, tax, trusts and estate planning. Throw into that toolbox the procedures that govern cases brought in Virginia state court, and you might find it hard to locate a lawyer in Winchester, Front Royal or to the south in the Shenandoah Valley that is willing to take on a difficult real estate case or deal. Please contact Jarvis Law if you want local counsel that wants to take on the difficult real estate cases.