Yes, Really, You Need a Will

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Yes, Really, You Need a Will No one really likes to think about what happens with their stuff, or “their estate,” once they pass. But we need to—because our family really needs us to figure all this out ahead of time. Why? Because they’re going to be sad and grief stinks. Folks often say to […]

Best Law Firm in Front Royal: Get in the Ring

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Best Law Firm in Front Royal: Get in the Ring It’s time for law firm small town smash-down! Stepping in with law degrees from Stuffy and Toney, with associates laboring in the gallows . . . yeah, just kidding. This reminds me of the Guns N’ Roses album (the second from Use Your Illusions) which […]

Bankruptcy Law in Front Royal​

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Bankruptcy Law in Front Royal The neat thing about this title is it begs a question: what do you mean, “bankruptcy law in Front Royal?” Or to be more specific, who offers bankruptcy solutions and representation to both businesses and consumers anywhere near Front Royal? The short answer: almost no one. Until now. There are […]

A New Family Lawyer in Front Royal

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A New Family Lawyer in Front Royal So I appeared before Judge Daryl Funk today on a brief motion and he asked where I was from, or whether I had appeared before him in Juvenile and Domestic Relations General District Court in Warren County. I kind of chuckled because Judge Funk and I have met […]

Who I Am: A Short Walk with the Managing Member

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Who I Am: A Short Walk with the Managing Member  I was swimming laps last night. I have always tried to swim, at a minimum, my age. I turned 50 last year, and we got a late start on the pool, so I didn’t have much time. The pool monitor shooed us out of the […]

Why Jarvis Law PLLC? Fiction Meets Real Life

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The other day I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about lawyers fighting over the copyright for “Best Lawyers” lists. Apparently, so and so used the phrase “Best” or “Top” with “Lawyers” and they think that it’s wrong for anyone else to make a list of their favorite lawyers. This made me laugh really hard. As Shinedown says in their song “I’ll Follow You,” next they’re gonna “trademark the color blue.”

Startups, Deadlines and Commitments

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In my last blog, I told a story about a basketball game that got me jammed up on a deadline. Some memories are forever linked in your mind. For me, a late night spent writing summons the specter of time, which has always seemed a variable thing to me. I move fast almost all the time, so like any other marathon runner, I know when I have to keep a pace and stick to it for a certain length of time. For my marathons, that time was about five hours, nothing to brag about, but I didn’t care after I finished each one.

Start-Up Law Firms and Chris Webber Stories from 1993

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It’s a Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day. I’m free to work, more or less. It’s a gloomy day in May. It’s rained since Thursday. The creek is running and the walkway up from our driveway is sinking. We live on a mountain, so the water runs downhill and the walkway gets flooded as often as New Orleans gets sacked by hurricanes.